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Are we all democrats now?

Posted by Matt Walker on July 29, 2009

An interesting entry from my learned and esteemed colleague, Mr. Young! And a very good article too. As we consider different ways of improving the functioning and therefore, the outcomes of democracy, it is also worth noting that not all people welcome democracy – and I’m not just talking about dictators. Some 19th century classical liberals, for example,  felt that democracy simply allows the uneducated lower classes to disproportionately determine political outcomes. And not for the better. And of course de Tocqueville criticised democracy as the ‘tyranny of the majority’.

By its very nature, democracy creates ‘losers’. Just watch America’s Fox News Channel to see how the losers of the US presidential election are railing against Obama, to the extent of questioning whether he is actually American and his election legitimate!  Should democratic leaders listen (whether by old or new technolgies) to the ‘losers’ or anyone else for that matter – or should they simply govern as they see fit until the next electoral test? Servant of the people or elective dictatorship?


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