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Why did George Osborne Speak yesterday?

Posted by Matt Walker on August 12, 2009

As I commented in my previous entry, George Osborne made a speech yesterday to the think-tank, Demos. Why did he do this? Firstly, politicians need to speak! They need to communicate their ideas to the electorate, outlining what it is their party will do if elected to power. With an election less than a year away, we will see much more of this in the coming months.

Secondly, Osborne is seeking to maintain the Conservative’s dominant position in the polls and keep Labour on the back foot. The more they have to say about the economy and public services, the more they can dominate the political agenda, and make Labour respond to them. This will create the impression that the Conservatives are leaders and not followers.

Thirdly, the Conservative Party need to express their own values, and decide where they sit ideologically. From this positioning, they might be able to fashion a set of coherent policies which the public can easily understand and relate back to the Conservative’s values. This would contrast with Labour, whom even its own leading politicians bemoan that people no longer know what they believe in.


Check out the BBC article and its associate videos.


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