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So what does the Conservative Party believe in?

Posted by Matt Walker on August 13, 2009

Conservative Party logoIn his Demos speech a couple of days ago, George Osborne claimed that the Labour Government was not at all progressive. He said, "By pursuing a course of liberalism, centralisation, fiscal incontinence and opposition to meaningful public service reform, the current leadership of the Labour Party has abandoned the field of progressive politics."

In claiming that he was a ‘progressive Conservative’, this would seem to suggest that as a future Chancellor of the Exchequer he will use his influence to ensure that a Conservative Government will:

  • act liberally
  • decentralise power
  • control public spending
  • reform public services

This is somewhat unspecific and we can only hope for firmer policy commitments in the future. Certainly, behaving liberally and decentralising power might be viewed as progressive, but the exact nature of public spending cuts and public service reform will be crucial determinants.

Take a look at the  Tory website to find out more about their beliefs.


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