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Latest opinion poll shows comfortable Tory lead

Posted by Matt Walker on August 25, 2009

ICM1.gifToday the Guardian published the results from the latest ICM opinion poll, and it shows that the Conservatives are well on course to win the next general election. At present, indications are that 41% of the electorate intend to vote Conservative, with 25% supporting Labour.

The poll also suggests the public prefer the Conservative approach across a number of key policy areas which are likely to determine the result of next year’s election:

  • health
  • law and order
  • education
  • the economy

The poll is suggestive of a Conservative majority of at least 100. However, despite what the Guardian is suggesting, the Tories have not yet ‘sealed the deal’. If only 4% of current Tory supporters switched to Labour, the Tories would be 20 short of a majority. This is due to the unfairness of the UK’s electoral system, first-past-the-post.

Follow the links below for more details.

Labour’s summer fightback hopes dashed

Brown to back spending cuts


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