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Tory public spending cuts

Posted by Matt Walker on September 8, 2009

image David Cameron today laid out his plans for public spending cuts. Well, sort of. In his speech he outlined some areas of outrageous government waste, claiming that, would we believe it, the NHS actually has a yacht! He states that he would like the public to scour government spending and flag up waste which should be eliminated.

What you’ll notice if you’ve observed politics for as long as I have, is that opposition parties want to have their cake and eat it. They dare not promise public spending cuts to actual services for fear of incurring public wrath. Instead, they claim that government is wasteful and that billions can be saved by ‘efficiency’ savings. What politicians usually discover when in government, is that efficiency savings are much harder to come by than was previously thought.

In a sense this is political legerdemain by Cameron. Like Gordon Brown, he is skirting over the fact that difficult choices have to be made regarding public spending. And yet, as we discussed in the AS class this week, politics is all about choices and the conflicts engendered by that choice.

What aspects of public spending do you think should be cut? Or perhaps you don’t think that public spending should be cut at all? Feel free to leave a comment.

Click on the picture for a brief video of Cameron’s speech.


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