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Brown admits that cuts will be necessary

Posted by Matt Walker on September 15, 2009

image At the TUC conference today, Gordon Brown used the c-word for the first time. Yes, he said the word “cuts”. For months, Brown has said that the choice for voters was Labour investment versus Tory cuts. Now he has acknowledged that cuts will be necessary, and that Labour would:


cut costs, cut inefficiencies, cut unnecessary programmes and cut lower priority budgets.

Brown  told the conference that Labour, unlike the Tories, would not cut frontline services. Furthermore, cuts would come only when the recession was over, another dividing line. The Tories, of course, have previously claimed that they too will protect frontline services, whilst cutting costs and achieving efficiency savings.

Brown also promised that a Labour government would increase the minimum wage every year, tackle ‘uncooperative tax havens, and offer 6 months paid paternity leave for fathers.

There was a mixed response from trade union leaders but he should have done enough to prevent them from criticising his leadership prior to the election. Of course, the crucial audience Brown needs to convince are the British electorate. What Labour are likely to argue is that the public should trust them to make the ‘right’ cuts, whereas the Tories will simply slash frontline services.

We’ll make cuts, Brown tells TUC

Video clip of Brown’s speech

Two Channel 4 News items on spending cuts


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