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Liberal Democrats Conference 2009

Posted by Matt Walker on September 19, 2009

libdemlogo This week the Liberal Democrats will congregate in Bournemouth for their annual conference. The conference season has well and truly began.

Party conferences  are very important. They enable the parties to gain publicity, as well as  develop and present their policies. This is a major function of a political party. Party leaders also hope to make telling contributions and gain public support.

For the Liberal Democrats it is a welcome boost. As the third party they are often overlooked. This week they have a chance to shape the national political debate and make gains in opinion polls. This is particularly important as a general election is just around the corner.

Lib Dem leader, Nick Clegg, has set the tone already, criticising Tory leader David Cameron for being a “fake”. It is just as important for the Lib Dems to attack the Tories as well as Labour because in many constituencies their main rivals are Conservative.

So let’s make this week Liberal Democrat week. (How often will I be able to say that on this blog?) We’ll take a look at how their policies are shaping up, and what line of attack they intend to take over the coming months.


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