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Liberal Democrats Policy – part 1

Posted by Matt Walker on September 23, 2009

libdemlogo The Liberal Democrats conference has been taking place in Bournemouth this week. Unfortunately for them, until their leader’s speech today, they don’t seem to gave gained a great deal of publicity. Such difficulties are faced by the third party of British politics.

Later in the week I will pull together some of the Lib Dem’s new policies which they will run with at the next general election. It is important that students know about the current policies of the three main parties, and gain an understanding of why and how they have changed over time.

In the 2005 general election, the Liberal Democrats offered a range of policies, some of which are listed below:

  • free dental and eye tests
  • scrapping of all university tuition fees
  • decriminalisation of personal cannabis use
  • opposition to Iraq war
  • 50% tax rate on those earning more than £100, 000 a year
  • Support for EU constitution
  • 60% CO2 reduction by 2050

This set of policies could be described as left of centre. That is, they aim to increase personal  freedom, and  support environmental taxes, as well as higher taxation for the rich. How has the recession affected this policy menu?

Policies of the political parties in 2005.


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