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Liberal Democrats Policy – part 2

Posted by Matt Walker on September 24, 2009

23.09.09: Steve Bell on Lib Dem conferenceAfter under a week’s work in Bournemouth, the Lib Dems have gone home, Nick Clegg focussed on becoming prime minister, the rest of his party content to try to hold on to the MPs they already have.

Now it’s over we can take a look at a number of the policies being offered by the Lib Dems.


1) Taxation – replace council tax with a local income tax; no tax paid on the first £10,000 of income.

2) Economy –  create jobs by spending on the UK’s infrastructure; tackling bonus culture of the banking system.

3) Education – cut infant class sizes; paying schools to take students from poorer backgrounds; scrapping university tuition fees

4) Constitutional Reform – scrap first-past-the-post; lower voting age to 16; fully elected House of Lords.

4) Crime and immigration – increase use of stop-and-search; reduce maximum period terror suspects detained without charge to 14 days.


Click here for the full list of policy ideas.


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