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New policies unveiled by Labour

Posted by Matt Walker on October 3, 2009

Gordon and Sarah The Labour Party Conference is  over. It was a week in which ministers, especially Peter Mandelson and Gordon Brown himself, came out fighting and attacked their opponents. It was also a week in which the Sun newspaper switched its allegiance from Labour to the Tories, under the belief the latter will win the election. The Sun likes to claim it determines election outcomes, though research does not bear this out!

Labour revealed a number of policies this week:

  • free home support for the elderly
  • supervised homes for teenage mothers
  • holding a referendum on electoral reform
  • tackling alcohol-related disorder
  • protection of frontline public services from cuts

As expected, a combination of Labour’s efforts and a week of publicity seem to have given them a boost in the opinion polls. Next week, the Tories will try to return the polls to their pre-conference season levels.

In a nutshell: Labour Conference


2 Responses to “New policies unveiled by Labour”

  1. Emma Marshall said

    Is there an advantage/disadvantage to having the first Party Conference?

    • Matt Walker said

      Hi Emma – good question! But difficult to answer definitively, I’m afraid. What usually happens is that after a party’s conference they tend to get an immediate boost in the polls because of the publicity they get. Each of the 3 parties got such a boost this year. After their conference, Labour had narrowed the gap with the Tories to 9%, but now the Tories are back to a 14% lead. So things are pretty much back to their pre-conference levels. I guess your question implies (and you may be right to some extent) that there is some advantage to going last, leaving a lasting impression in voters’ minds. In the long run though, I don’t think this makes much difference.

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