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Osborne’s winning speech?

Posted by Matt Walker on October 6, 2009

George Osborne Shadow Chancellor, George Osborne, today delivered his speech to the Conservative Party conference in Manchester. Osborne was far more specific about public spending cuts than any Tory has so far dared, or indeed any Labour minister. Osborne clearly believes that being more specific about cuts will help the party win the next election. Labour will hope that it provides a target for them to score some hits.

So what are the Conservatives proposing?

  • public sector pay freeze
  • keeping Labour’s 50% tax rate on higher earners
  • cutting the cost of government by £3 billion
  • raising the retirement age for men to 66

It is likely that all major parties will continue to flesh out their plans in the coming months as they work towards producing their election manifestos.

Osborne gambles with cuts


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