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David Cameron: Two Nation Tory or New Right apostle?

Posted by Matt Walker on October 8, 2009

David Cameron today made his speech on the last day of the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester. He took a number of ideological positions in the speech. To some extent, it could be argued that he showed himself to be a One Nation Conservative, a believer in the need for the better off to help the poor. He stated that he would help:

  • the poorest children go to the best schools
  • the poorest whom Labour have “let down”
  • build a stronger society
  • improve the NHS

At other points in his speech, Cameron appeared more New Right, admonishing Labour for their statist approach. He said he wanted to:

  • rebuild responsibility
  • roll back “big government”
  • tackle welfare dependency
  • cap immigration

The problem of course is that Cameron is trying to maximise public support and simultaneously keep the Tory faithful happy. It will be worth keeping an eye on Conservative policy statements in the coming months to see whether they take up more New Right or One Nation positions.

I’m up for the test, Cameron says


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