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Is David Cameron a New Right conservative?

Posted by Matt Walker on October 11, 2009

Cameron and Thatcher For many writers in The Guardian newspaper, there is little doubt that David Cameron is a Thatcherite, a New Right conservative. Cameron talked about a range of issues in his speech, but the main philosophical drive was that big government is bad, and small government is good. Cameron pinned the blame for the current economic crisis firmly and squarely at the door of Labour’s propensity to grow the state and their flawed belief that this is the solution to all of our problems.

He referred to the tragic case of Fiona Pilkington and her daughter who were driven to suicide by teenage thugs. Cameron inferred that It was society’s lack of personal responsibility and the failure of big government (the police, social services) which led to the tragedy, with insufficient moral action from within the community to prevent this from occurring. On the economy, it was the expansion of the state and the growth in public spending  which has led to the current debt crisis.

Cameron did not advocate greater state regulation of banks or bankers as a solution to the world’s and the UK’s woes.  What is required, he argued, is  a smaller state, greater individual enterprise and responsibility, and for people to realise that government is the problem and not the solution.

His political philosophy is not without its contradictions. He professed his support for the NHS, which by any measure is an example of big government.

For two left of centre views on Cameron’s speech, click on the two links below.

Cameron clothes himself in red

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