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MP’s expenses scandal rolls on

Posted by Matt Walker on October 17, 2009

MPs hard at work We have just learned that 27 MPs are to be investigated by HM Revenue and Customs to find out whether they have paid enough tax. Some MPs have been criticised for not paying capital gains tax on second homes sold after being bought with public money.

It seems that MPs simply cannot put the expenses farrago to bed. Just in case you slept through the whole of  the initial scandal, the BBC have kindly dedicated a lot of time and space to keep us informed. Have a look at their site.

MPs’ expenses


3 Responses to “MP’s expenses scandal rolls on”

  1. adyhorne said

    if the MPS were found to be fiddling with their taxes would they recieve the same treatment an ordinary citizen would?

    • Matt Walker said

      Hi Ady. Well, that’s the issue. Up to now, some MPs have managed to avoid paying capital gains tax on the sale of homes financed by the taxpayer. Once the MPs scandal broke, it be came clear that the police would want to investigate these MPs. MPs like everyone else must live by the law of the land. They are neither above it nor exempted from it. There is one difference, though, between MPs and other citizens. You cannot sue an MP for something they say in the House of Commons chamber, even if they slander someone. I guess this is because the arena for democratic debate must be completely free to express itself.

  2. Will Hazell said

    This is totally unrelated, but I found a “political compass” whilst browsing the web. http://www.politicalcompass.org/test. I ended up quite far into the libertarian left…

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