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Controversial Question Time clips

Posted by Matt Walker on October 22, 2009



One Response to “Controversial Question Time clips”

  1. J said

    I personally believe that this was a great step forward in getting people more aware of what the BNP stand for, and the thoroughly racist beliefs they hold. It really showed in the audience’s reaction and the reaction of the public that we won’t stand for blind racism towards British people; just because Nick Griffin and his party think they aren’t Indigenous British. I mean pretty much the whole of Britain is made up of people who have invaded our island or immigrated here. So how can a Pure British person even exist?
    I think in many ways Nick Griffin is very comparable with Hitler. He often during the show claimed almost outrageously that some of his comments, some of which he was filmed saying. Were changed and manipulated by the media, and that his organisation was not that of a racist one. One of his quotes even says that he thinks the BNP should act as a good caring party who stand for the whole of Britain and then later after receiving power, revert to their old racist ways. This is similar to how Hitler acted, when he gained his support through by appealing to the public’s problems and fears, hiding his true intentions until after he had the countries support. These intentions then lead to mass genocide, and a bloody war.
    The one question I thought that was very good in the show, was the one asking whether people were actually only voting for the BNP because they are one of the only people who seem to be taking issues like immigration head on (though in a very racist way). Whereas the government seems to have failed in this, as was shown when Jack Straw said that they didn’t actually know how many of the thousands of people who come to the UK on short stays actually leave. In these times where the government seems to be failing on many issues such as expenses and the economy, I think that people just don’t want to vote for the main parties because they don’t trust them anymore, and so are turning to the BNP. Though most supporters aren’t actually racist themselves at all.
    Personally I found the show very interesting, and thought that it was right for the BNP to be on there and then scrutinised by the public and audience. As Ignorance is probably our worst enemy, and only by educating people about what the BNP stands for, can we can make our country a better place.

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