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Final words on the BNP

Posted by Matt Walker on October 24, 2009

Anti-BNP protest A Daily Telegraph article today discusses an opinion poll conducted by YouGov. The poll was taken just after Nick Griffin’s appearance on Question Time and suggests that 22% of respondents would “seriously consider” voting for the BNP at local, national, or European elections. Over half of respondents believed that the BNP were right to “speak up for the rights of the indigenous British”.

The historical and theoretical meaningless of the term “indigenous British” will be explored at some time in the future. For now we must wait to see what happens to levels of support for this far right party.

The consensus amongst most of my students is that it was correct to allow Griffin on Question Time. I am yet to be convinced.

One in five ‘would consider voting BNP’

BNP members: the far right map of Britain


3 Responses to “Final words on the BNP”

  1. adyhorne said

    whos to say who can and cant speak in a democracy? if its us, then we could have stopped it. it seems 6%people want to hear their views, so only 6% have to listen.

  2. filthy sweaty boi said

    To not let Mr Griffin on question time because of fear on publicising his views is to assume naivety of the British public. Think back to the EU elections where every household was leafleted.

    The true way to fight fascism is not to suppress it like a brutal police state!! One must educate the public on the injustices of prejudice and scapegoating.

    The BNP take full advantage of an unrepresented and often under educated underclass. This shows that rather than attacking the BNP themselves we must educate the very people who vote for them.

  3. Matt Walker said

    I don’t disagree with you, except to say that denying the BNP the chance to appear on Question Time would not mean acting like a repressive ‘brutal police state’. Furthermore, denying them an appearance on Question Time would be just that, and not a denial of their right to freedom of speech.

    I also wonder whether the political ‘punch and judy’ show that is Question Time is the best means of educating people.

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