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FAQ: What kind of a conservative is David Cameron

Posted by Matt Walker on November 11, 2009

David Cameron Just what kind of a conservative is David Cameron? Well, if we listen to how he describes himself, we should think of him as a One Nation traditional conservative.

However,  his Labour and Lib Dem critics like to characterise him and today’s Conservative Party as more New Right, in other words adherents of the policies of Margaret Thatcher. Cameron’s speech at the Conservative Party conference was interpreted differently, depending on which newspaper you read.

Cameron has attempted to add more flesh to the policy bone this week. I’ll explore this a little later and try to help you fit this into the scheme of things. But for now, click on my previous entries on this matter, and think: what kind of conservative do you think David Cameron is?

What is traditional conservatism?

What is One Nation conservatism?

What is New Right conservatism?


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