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Quick revision on Cameron

Posted by Matt Walker on November 14, 2009

Cameron the One Nation traditional conservative:

  • wants to reduce poverty – One Nation Tory
  • strongly supports the NHS and minimum wage
  • believes that communities and charity should help solve society’s problems
  • aspires to ‘reinvigorate’ local communities

Cameron the New Right conservative:

  • is critical of ‘big government’
  • rejects the notion that the state solves people’s problems
  • anti-European Union
  • favours private sector involvement in schools

But then again, where does Cameron’s concern for the environment place him? This is not something which conservatism (or socialism and liberalism) for that matter has ever really emphasised. Perhaps this makes a Cameron a new kind of conservative?


3 Responses to “Quick revision on Cameron”

  1. adyhorne said

    I think hes a new type of conservative, he doesnt really fit the conservative stereotype. also, you might want to rephrase the title sir, it made me laugh.

  2. Emma Marshall said

    I don’t think the fact that Cameron is concerned about the environment should define what kind of Conservative he is; at this point global warming is such a pressing issue politicians can’t ignore it.
    And lol at the title

  3. Lord Protector666 said

    The early conservative doctrines is something of the dark ages now. Conservative is nothing but the name of the party which has one function: and thats to pick up the pieces of Labour, as Labour did for them in 1997.

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