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FAQ: What is the Queen’s speech

Posted by Matt Walker on November 18, 2009

Queen's speech Today, the Queen sat in the House of Lords and delivered a speech. Hence, understandably, this was called the Queen’s speech. The Queen’s speech occurs every year, and heralds the beginning of a new parliamentary session.

The speech in fact, is not really the Queen’s. She merely reads it out. The speech is written by the government of the day, and outlines what Bills (proposed laws) they will be introducing over the next 12 months.

Given that this is the last Queen’s speech before the general election, it is been viewed by some as Gordon Brown drawing his battle lines against the Conservatives. Critics in the Tory Party and Lib Dems are saying that it is a bit of sham, mere electioneering as many of the Bills will not have enough time to pass into law.

Politics will continue to turn nasty over the next few months!


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