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Lib Dem tax proposals

Posted by Matt Walker on December 1, 2009

Nick Clegg What do the Liberal Democrats think about taxation? According to their leader, Nick Clegg, taxation is about “fairness, protecting the environment, rewarding hard work.” Yesterday, the Lib Dems provided details. This is what they are proposing:

  • taxing properties worth more than £2million
  • an end to tax relief on pension contributions by higher earners
  • a temporary 10% tax on bank profits
  • green taxes to penalise polluters
  • Raising the income tax threshold to £10,000 so that people earning less than this would pay no income tax.

It is clear that the economy, public spending, and taxation will be central to next year’s general election campaign, for all parties. With the country in recession and a large budget deficit, plans for economic growth, handling public expenditure, and deciding who will or won’t pay to reduce the deficit will be extremely important.

Do these ideas sound appealing?

Guardian article


One Response to “Lib Dem tax proposals”

  1. matty (elderly men with too much facial hair is brilliant) said

    yes the Liberal democrats have various taxation policies that sound apealing at first glance, but when you research there policies closely there are alot that only benefit the middle classes. For example their sceptical veiws on pensions as well as there tax cuts on trade that generally only help the rich.

    as well as there pro EU free trade outlook that only benefits multi national corperations.

    the Lib Dems are anything but egalitarian, they are just the conservative party behind a freindly face!!!!!!

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