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Does the UK constitution need further reform?

Posted by Matt Walker on January 8, 2010

There is no doubt that the Labour Government enacted a significant number of constitutional reforms after 1997. But did it go far enough?

There are a number of further reforms which some organisations (such as Charter 88) suggest are required to bring UK politics into the 21st Century.

Further possible reforms:

1) Reform of the electoral system, making it more proportional.

2) Codifying and entrenching the constitution.

3) Full democratisation of the House of Lords

4) Removal of the prime minister’s prerogative powers and their transfer to parliament.

5) Devolution for England


Why do some people advocate such reforms, and do you think they are worthwhile?


BBC News article


One Response to “Does the UK constitution need further reform?”

  1. Emma Marshall said

    Well the parties such as the Lib-Dems would want a more proportional electoral system, and I think this reform would be worthwhile, and many people might want the removal of the prime ministers prerogative powers, because it stops things like the war in Iraq being allowed to go forward, whilst there was so much opposition to it.

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