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The election campaign starts here!

Posted by Matt Walker on March 29, 2010

It’s been a while, but this blog is back! Things may be slow to start with, but hopefully I’ll be up and running at full pace before too long. So let’s make this a quick one before I get a nose bleed from the effort.

Make sure you tune in to Channel 4 at 8pm tonight. Alastair Darling, George Osborne, and Vince Cable are going to participate in a live debate about the economy. Although Gordon Brown hasn’t announced the election yet, there is no doubt that the campaign kicks off here, and that this will be an important debate.

Make sure you leave a comment afterwards giving your opinion on how it went.


2 Responses to “The election campaign starts here!”

  1. Sam Dalton said

    I thought Vince Cable came across best – he gave more specifics than Darling and Osbourne and got the audience laughing on several occasions.

    Osbourne is like a carbon-copy of David Cameron, he is very articulate but never really goes any further than saying “we must clear up this debt” or simply critisising Labour.

    There was one moment though when Osbourne got onto Darling about Labout stealing the stamp tax policy off the Tories, but Darling got away with it by making a joke and relieving the pressure.

  2. Ady said

    I think all three of them performed well, however the whole gameshow-esque appearance was a bit tacky, trying to form an informal illusion in politics.

    However all the chancellors looked pretty strong, no real slip ups. Vince Cable did the best i think, however George also did ok. He may be a carbon copy of D.C, but thats a good thing in my eyes.

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