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FAQ: what do the parties believe?

Posted by Matt Walker on April 7, 2010

What do the political parties believe in? And what are their policies? Well, very soon they will publish their manifestos, outlining the policies they would implement if they were to win the general election. One of the beauties of studying politics is its vibrancy and capacity for constant change. One its problems is trying to keep yourself up-to-date for the exam.

Below is a link to the BBC News website which provides a simple breakdown of party policy across a wide range of  areas. This is very much recommended reading and you should use this when revising for the summer exam. If you want to be really sophisticated, why not use this list and your textbook, and identify where each policy fits into a particular party’s ideological traditions. For example, which of Labour’s current policies could be seen as Old or New Labour?

Of course, the BBC will no doubt up-date this list of policies once the manifestos have been published.

BBC News: where they stand


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