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Labour lays claim to a progressive future

Posted by Matt Walker on April 13, 2010

Yesteday the Labour Party published its election manifesto, “A future fair for all”, containing the values, ideas, and policies it hopes it will be able to implement over the next five years. What is immediately interesting is the sheer length of it! It is 76 pages long (although the Tory manifesto is 130 pages long). Now, I have a great interest in politics and yet find this pretty much unreadable. What the general public will make of it I don’t know, but I can guess – most people won’t read it. Gone are the days when a manifesto covered a few pages and could be easily digested.

In fairness, the Labour Party website itself does try to help us out a bit. It specifies its broader values as :

  • Rebuilding the economy
  • Reform and protection of public services
  • Renewal of politics

There is also a handy video, which does make the manifesto more digestible.

It is also worth taking a look at either the BBC and Guardian websites. The Guardian’s analysis is particularly interesting, taking the reader through each page of the manifesto, with various annotations. Here’s some of the highlights:

  • “It is our belief that it is active, reforming government, not absent government, that helps make people powerful.”
  • halve the deficit by 2014
  • no increase in income tax
  • national minimum wage to rise in line with average earnings
  • Referendums on electoral and House of Lords reform
  • Strengthening of public power over public service delivery

Given that the manifesto is 76 pages long, this post could in theory go on forever! It will be interesting to see which parts get emphasised over the campaign. Anything here which excites or depresses you?

Gordon Brown launches Labour priorities


One Response to “Labour lays claim to a progressive future”

  1. Ady said

    Low debt, high employment economy.The threat of ID cards rolled out.High investment in science (Science investment has been cut) 2 million extra homeowners in 2010. Halving child poverty by 2010. Training every young person in apprenticeships or sixth form. THESE ARE ALL LABOURS 2005 FAILURES. These wwere promised to us in 2005, broken promises, you could say. We’re in 1.4 trillion pounds of debt. We have the highest young person unemployment rates in western Europe. 98.5% of all jobs Labour created for us since 1997 have gone to foreign workers.

    So much for ‘British jobs for British workers’ or whatever stupid slogan he wants to use.

    So I dont think i’ll be even looking at Labours manifesto this time, because i don’t like being lied to. Actually, to be honest my favourite looking party at the moment are UKIP. They have been on the politics show recently, stating that they will save 50 billion, within one year, without cutting frontline services. I think thats strong, and the posh leader constantly put out figures, facts and statements which were quite strong.

    So let’s not look at the manifesto. Because its lies.

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